• Used Operator Replaceable Components (ORCs) are recyclable 
  • ORCs have extendable life by rotating their use for different application requirements 
  • Dry ink bottles are manufactured from material with 25-50% post consumer recycled content 
  • Empty Dry Ink bottles are easily recycled, consisting of 95% type 2 HDPE plastic 
  • Printed sheets have been certified as de-inkable by INGEDE



  • Short, straight paper path and reliable paper handling minimizes jams and paper waste 
  • Extensive operator control helps deliver high color consistency, which reduces unacceptable prints
  • Intelligent system monitors and adjusts color accuracy and registration, producing more sellable prints and reducing waste
  • 39.37 in./1000 mm larger sheet size improves print efficiency and reduces paper consumption 
  • Accurate front-to-back registration reduces waste in printing and finishing operations 
  • Standard offset litho sheets can be used and do not require primers required on other digital presses


  • Substrate breadth and flexibility to run many recycled and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved papers 
  • Low power consumption compared to competitive digital presses 
  • Environmentally conscious manufacturing 
  • Remanufactured materials are used in manufacturing wherever feasible 
  • Mainframes, accessories and replacement parts are designed to be reused or remanufactured 
  • System modularity enables you to upgrade your system on-site and extend its useful life 
  • The Dry Inks have also received EU safety certification for printing indirect food packaging and toys 




  • Virtually no emissions, including volatile organic compounds (VOCs); system may be safely operated in office-type environments when using recommended exhaust rates 
  • ORCs service model increases uptime, reducing service calls and associated fuel use and carbon emissions 
  • Dry inks do not require PPE during normal handling and
    do not require a hazardous material waste removal process 
  • Press does not generate any irritating or annoying odors 


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