What is digital printing?

At ULitho, our digital printing uses the latest technology to bring down the cost of printing smaller quantities while maintaining high-quality text and color image reproduction. 

Is all digital printing the same?

Digital printing has come to mean many things and the term has even been used to describe documents created on little more than enhanced copy machines. At ULitho, it means consistent, high quality reproduction for short to medium run, full color or black only jobs, with quick turn-around and the ability to support variable data. We’re not talking about glorified copy machines here, this is professional, color managed commercial printing for a few dozen impressions to a few thousand.

What is digital printing best for?

ULitho's digital printing systems are best for high-quality reproduction of a few dozen copies to a few thousand copies, and perfect for variable data printing, where each individual copy contains different, personalized information. 

When to ask for digital?

When you work with ULitho, you don't have to know everything there is to know about printing; paper, finishing, mailing, or when to ask for digital printing or offset printing. We have a team of professional Account Executives with years of experience who are here to make sure you get the best results; the right paper, on the right press, with the right finishing...

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Digital Printing Dry Ink/Toner

Variable Data Printing

 If you need to reach a large number of people, but you also want to personalize your communications, the combination of digital printing and ULitho’s mailing services is the solution. The digital press allows for each piece to be printed differently and our data processing and mailing expertise will make sure each piece gets to the right person. Contact us to learn more.

ULitho Digital Printing - Ann Arbor and Southeast Michigan

Toner Based & Spot On

  ULitho's digital press uses "dry ink" called toner instead of the liquid ink used by an offset press. While the process is similar in many ways to offset printing it allows for quicker setup, variable data, and is more affordable at lower quantities. However, just like an offset press, our digital press uses halftone dots to create images. So, you can mix and match digital printing and most people won't be able to tell the difference.. 

ULitho - Digital Press (the insides)

A Look Inside

 Here's something you don't see every day - the inner workings of the ULitho digital press. This technology uses electrostatic charge to "offset" toner from image drums to paper - unlike traditional offset presses which use ink, water and pressure to transfer the image.

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