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This place runs on people

University Lithoprinters was established in 1934, originally a yearbook company, we now offer a full range of commercial printing and mailing services. Mark and Deborah took partial ownership in 1997 and in 1999 Robert McPartlin joined to form the current partnership.

Ours is to create an environment where the customer wants to return with their next print job, and the employee looks forward to returning to work each day.

Along with that we feel that quality is everything, and quality printing comes from quality employees and equipment. We strongly feel in today’s ever changing world of technology that it is so important to stay on top of the newest technology, but also not jumping too soon. Investing in people and new equipment make the successful company we are today while continuing to service a very diversified customer base.

All three partners Mark Sulkowski, Deborah Sulkowski and Robert McPartlin have been with University Lithoprinters since 1987. Mark and Robert both began as Press Room Operators and became working Press Room Supervisors together. Later Mark took on the role of Press Room Supervisor and Robert the role of Production Manager. At that time Deborah was working as a Sales Executive and was top sales person for over a decade. Mark and Deborah then bought partial ownership in 1997 and in 1999 Robert joined the current partnership. The three partners are actively involved in managing daily activities, while constantly assessing industry developments and future company directions.